About us

H2 WORLD HEALTH & BEAUTY COMPANY s.r.o. was founded by David Marsalek and it’s one of the subsidiaries of The Molecular Hydrogen Company Ltd.

The Molecular Hydrogen Company Ltd. Based in Ireland, was founded by David Maršálek to become the leader in the European Molecular Hydrogen market.

The aim of the company is to deepen knowledge in this area and to bring to the general consumer, as well as professionals, top products from all over the world and raise awareness of the health benefits of Molecular Hydrogen and its positive effects.

We have a range of time-based and innovative products based on Molecular Hydrogen from our exclusive suppliers, which we are developing, introducing and distributing not only in the the European market.

We have been able to bring to our team real experts from different countries with many years of knowledge and experience in the field of hydrogen therapy that are part of international professional organizations.

Our timeless products are designed to work effectively. Our company imports and sells products only from their inventors and manufacturers from abroad and does not participate in counterfeiting or copying and the creation of non-functional local imitations. With us, you have a guarantee of quality, security, as well as the support of world experts.

David Maršálek

CEO & Founder

David has extensive experience in international trade, over six years in the field of Molecular Hydrogen and food supplements, and is surrounded by a number of international experts who have been in the Molecular Hydrogen field for many years now. Since his 13th birthday, David has gone through various positions and careers, gained valuable experience, and during that time he has also travelled around the world and graduated from Dublin Business School – Management & Marketing in Dublin, Ireland.

His focus on detail and the best results, as well as the constant pursuit of an innovative approach connected with the tremendous desire to help and listen to people is a wonderful combination for success.

David is a team player who likes to be surrounded not only by people who have the potential and interesting abilities but also by people who have the desire to build and prove more for the good and the welfare of all! Thanks to its unbroken resolve and superior support from colleagues from its key team, The Molecular Hydrogen Company Ltd. leading to exceptional results.

Simon Hurst

Global Business Development Director

Simon, the founder of whichdistributor.com, the world’s first online platform that uses AI to match brands with distributors in target markets across industries globally has been growing brands internationally with success for the past 20 years.

His expertise and network allows him to enter brands to new target markets, establish new international distribution, securing deals with retailers and structure long term profitable growth strategies.

Simon and his family have been using Hydrogen products for the past two years since being introduced to David Marsalek, CEO & Founder of H2 World Health and Beauty Company. The results have been extremely positive, families health is stronger than ever.

Due to these personal results, patented solution, high quality, strong company ethos, commitment to education, board of experts, Simon has agreed to partner with David to spread the world globally in order that people across the world are aware of the benefits this companies products bring.

This is the beginning of a very exciting journey for H2World Health and Beauty Company.