Advisory board

Prof. Dušan Miljkovič, Ph.D

USA / Serbia

Prof. Dušan Miljkovič is a world-renowned expert with more than 30 different patents, including the most important for us, US patent number 8852660B2, which revealed to the world the area of Molecular Hydrogen and its effects on health and beauty few years ago; this discovery started the most interesting part of his long career.

Since Professor Dušan Miljkovic has produced several prototypes of Molecular Hydrogen-based products, it has been going on for several years and during that time, of course, several suspected immitations have been made in the form of hydrogen tablets or capsules that promise users the same or similar effect as products made by Professor Dušan Miljkovic himself.

Dr. Zornitza Petrova Markantová

Czech Republic/Bulgaria

A medical doctor with an interest in pathology and aging. Unites the knowledge of traditional medicine with possibilities of modern technologies.

Student of the 3rd medical faculty of Charles University. After graduation she worked as a secondary doctor in the pathology department of hospital in Kolín on Labe since 2005-2011, then ad CGB laboratories in Ostrava till the end of 2014. From the beginning of 2015 till now she is working as a secondary doctor at the department of Geriatrics in the Town Hospital in Ostrava. In the beginning of 2013 Dr Markantová starts with the project of the Clinics of Natural Medicine – European Traditional Medicine. Here she works on natural fighting diseases and aging. In march 2016 together with colleagues is a co-founder and since then, a director of the advisory board of the European Institute of Molecular Hydrogen Therapy. Dr Markantova takes part on the stages of medical conferences, authors articles and works on the acknowledging of traditional medicine and also molecular hydrogen medicine, and their use in terms of conventional medicine

Dr. Pavel Malovič


Pavel Malovič M.D. works in Bratislava where he graduated from the Medical Faculty (4 attestations). He completed his education at Vienna University and University in Orlando (USA). For several years he has been the Chief Expert of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic for Physical Education.

He has been the head of the Department of Physical Medicine at the University Hospital in Bratislava for over 25 years and is currently the head of the Department of Physical Medicine at UNB.

Many people know Pavel Malovič M.D. as a popular sports doctor who has been working with the Slovak professional football teams for many years, formerly Czechoslovakia. Pavel Malovič M.D. has also worked in international football structures (UEFA, FIFA). As a UEFA Doping Commissioner, FIFA, has repeatedly participated in the European Football Championship, is active in the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA European League.

Using molecular hydrogen in sport, Pavel Malovič M.D. has been working for several years and has already written numerous articles on his experience, thanks to which we have the opportunity to present and spread the practical usage of molecular hydrogen

Prof. Guy Van Elsacker DrSc.

Czech Republic/Holland – Biomed Expert

Prof. Elsacker has more than 50 years of research experience. He became a specialist in the field of how human cells are created and communicate with each other (Crosstalk of Cells).
He spent last 4 years researching on how can molecular hydrogen help to diabetes and cancer patients. As one of the advisory board expert members of the European Institute for Molecular Hydrogen Therapy ( ) his aim is to support and help all health professionals who are involved in the field of molecular hydrogen therapy in relation to diabetes and cancer.