Food supplement

RealH2 is a revolutionary food supplement containing active H2 whose active hydrogen gas molecules are trapped in specially designed food-grade biopolymetric matrix, and as such are stable in powdered form. This special form is registered as RealH2 and produced in the form of a tablet suitable for human consumption which allows gradual release of hydrogen during digestion (slow release), thus allowing complete use of this beneficial molecule.

RealH2 tablets product is a dietary supplement recommended for the increase of stamina and body resistance, for easing of physical and mental strain, for the improvement of general health, it slows down the aging process and has positive influence on the skin, in particular for the elderly people.
The most practical and safest way to use molecular hydrogen is orally. Most clinical trials found no side effects of oral intake of H2.

SUGGESTED USE: 1-3 tablets three times daily. Take with plenty of water.