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New unique special dietary supplement promoting the natural production of molecular hydrogen in the organism.

Unique H2 Forte Tablets

Natural creation of molecular hydrogen in the body

Used unique patented technology

The tablets are enriched by curcuminoids and a suitable form of magnesium.

The extract from curcuma rhizome with the indicated natural colors contributes to the optimal liver function. Magnesium contributes to the electrolytic balance, proper energy metabolism, and the ideal function of the nervous system which controls the activity of all the bodily organs.

The sweeteners contained in the product are not sugars, so they are only digested in the large intestine. This subsequently results, among other things, in the increased absorption and exhalation of hydrogen - a consequence of their bacterial decomposition (fermentation).

no artificial colors or flavors

suitable for diabetics

gluten free

GMO free

lactose free

preservative free

sugar free

suitable for vegans


Why Molecular Hydrogen?®

Molecular Hydrogen® is the smallest molecule in the universe. It is extremely small in size and highly soluble in lipids; this allows it to easily penetrate into the sub-cellular parts of mitochondria (engine room of the biologic system cells) and other locations throughout the body.

Doc. PhDr. Michal Botek, Ph.D.

Palacký University in Olomouc Molecular hydrogen never ceases to fascinate me by its universality and extraordinary effects, appreciated by professional sportsmen as well as chronically ill people. I am certain that molecular hydrogen has not yet revealed all its secrets to us.

optimizes the immune system and protects against viral infections and diseases

supports healthy organ functions

fights age-related diseases and enhances health

naturally enhances beauty

improves regeneration and recovery after sports

antioxidative effect

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